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The Articulated Haulers are the heavy duty versions of the dumper trucks that are used for hauling large loads on rugged terrain. Such vehicles are generally four wheel drive and mostly comprised of two sections; the frontal section called the tractor and the rear section that includes the dumper frame, called hauler or trailer. The steering is performed by turning the frontal section in relation to the rears section via hydraulic rams. In this way, all wheels follow the same path on the road and the result is a perfect all terrain vehicle.

The primal manufacturers include Caterpillar, Terex, John Deere Equipment, Doosan, Volvo CE, and Komatsu Limited. Volvo, who commences half of the global sales, is the market leader in Hauler segment and is also known to be the pioneer in this regard after launching this product first in 1966.

Although being conceived as a dirt and damper hauler at first, the chassis frame of this vehicle has been used in various other applications since then. From the heavy duty concrete breaker, water tank and container truck to large scale all terrain tow truck, hooked loader or crane and to log carrier and wood cheaper, it has assumed various roles.