1- Do the spare parts have warranty?

a. All spare parts, purchased from Eyli is covered with warranty.

2- Are your spare parts original or sub-industry products?

a. In our spare parts offers, two types are provided; with original spare parts or imported parts. This point is also indicated in proforma invoices as well.

3- Are the spare parts you shipped covered within the warranty in case they are broken during the parcel shipment?

a. The spare part shipments are paid by the courier company if you open the package and determine that the parts are damaged (especially for fragile parts and glass) or broken.

4-Do you have installation service for the spare parts you ship?

a. Upon the requests of our customers, we can install the sparet part to the machine by receiving third party service support from our contracted service providers in anywhere in Turkey.

5- Do you conduct expert appraisal when buying construction machines?

a. We conduct the expert appraisal for all kinds of construction machines in the most accurate manner and then we deliver the machine.

6- Do you have used construction machine sales?

a. Currently, we have used construction machine sales for haulers. In the future we will start the sales operations for used excavators, diggers and loaders.